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Our Step-By-Step Approval Process

Apply for your Loan

The first step is to apply for your car loan by utilising our simple credit application. Our Quickautoloan.ca Loan Officer’s will instantly receive your credit application & begin a complete assessment of your credit.

Loan Approval

Utilizing our significant financial experience and automotive resources, our officers have developed a system which is going to link your credit situation with the best financing program available.

Choose your car

After your loan has been approved we will provide with choices for your next vehicle. We have a huge in-stock selection of cars and trucks that are certified, e-tested, reliable, and have been thoroughly inspected by our auto mechanics.


We are specializes in helping automotive enthusiasts get auto financing loans for their new and used cars. The unbeatable low rates and fast approvals are the fundamental hallmarks of our excellence.

  • Fast

    Providing fast and easy approval procedures for the individual

  • Hassle-Free

    Apply for your car loan by utilizing our simple credit application.

  • Great rates

    Bad credit is not a problem, as we provide you with the lowest financing rates

  • Quick Assistance

    After your loan has been approved, our experts will provide you with best car choices


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Why should I get my loan through quickautoloans.com?

Low Used Car Rates Starting @ 3.99% APR. Dedicated Professionals Ready To Assist You Over 30 Years Experience in Automotive Financing & Credit Repair Programs Easy Credit Reestablishment Programs You Complete Within 12 months. Quality Vehicles from Every Manufacturer. Canada’s Best Warranties Available with Every Vehicle Purchased. Excellent Track Record with All Major Lenders

What if I have really bad credit, or no credit?

Sometimes things happen in life that affects our credit in a negative way. Every person and every story is unique and we respect that. We have programs for all different credit situations and lenders that are willing to work with ‘High Risk’ or Sub-Prime situation – like bad credit, new credit, bankruptcies, proposals, discharged, divorced, new to canada, young credit, student credit, etc. In some cases we may require a down payment & in other cases we may advise that it would be in your best interest to find a co-signer. Your loan application will be approved.

I have been turned down before - Can I still be approved?

Almost Certainly, YES! We have multiple lenders that other dealership or institutions may not have access to & we match you to the one best for your financial situation. In every case, we will explain what we need to do and explain what is best for your situation. If you have been approved on a different program, we are confident we can save you thousands!

Will this affect my credit rating? Do you view my credit report?

Every time you apply for credit or a loan it affects your credit rating. We do our best to protect your credit rating is not sending your application to multiple lenders. In order to avoid negative sideffects; We will carefully review your application and contact you directly for an accurate description of your situation before we contact any lenders. We will match you with the appropriate lender by pulling a credit report; of course only with your permission.

What is a car loan?

If you do not have available cash to pay for a new vehicle, a car Loan can help you buy it. You can borrow money, then agree to pay back the funds over a set period, plus any fees and interest.

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